what’s on the menu? (sorry about the image this will burn into your brain forever)

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upcoming adventures!

Just a quick note, but today I reserved my room at The Times Hostel in Dublin, Ireland (http://www.thetimeshostel.com/) where I’ll be staying with my friend Erica for a few days after we finish our study abroad in London. It’ll probably be pretty loud, it seems to be surrounded by sports fields and bars and tattoo parlors, but whatever! IT’S DUBLIN.

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Haven’t posted in a while, just doodlin’.

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sorry y’all

Been busy this year! I’ll be using this blog in the near future to write about my experiences abroad this summer. I’ll be studying forensic anthropology in London for 5 weeks, starting in late June, and then traveling to Dublin afterwards, then heading back home to the good ol’ USA.

Recently I was given the clearance to run regular updates on the Undergraduate MSU Anthropology Club (www.msu.edu/~anthro – VISIT!), so I’ve been balancing my time with that, a job, classes, and the occasional social life (usually involving coffee and food). I have a bunch of half-finished doodles saved on my computer that will soon be finished and posted to this blog if I ever get around to it. Maybe after this academic year is over.

Until then, sayonara! Come check back in around May.

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the final version (rawr)

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i give up

I know it’s ugly; but that’s not the point.

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Guest post: J-Patrick Henry

So, my dear weird friend and (the good-)field school buddy Jamie made these t-shirt ideas for anthro club after I showed him my drawing. Disregard all typos, cheesey clip-art, and asymmetrical aspects.

Shirt ideatshirt_template

Personally, I’m voting for the Megan Fox one.

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dino pot pie recipe, à la Moom


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q: which henna? a: they are both dumb


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pew pew pew



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