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y’all may have an easter bunny, but…


best quote ever from my lovely CA:

carolann: isn’t that like a rule of anthro… “hips don’t lie” like the shakira song

p.s. visit her site for unsolved mysteries of the universe, like blue raspberry flavored things and alternate dimensions that swallow things before they hit the floor.

p.p.s. it sucks being an anthropologist. No one gets your carbon/nitrogen jokes.


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Blogosphere’s gravity = nonexistent

Sorry! Lack of posting here means there’s been a lack of time in which I can sit and wacom stuff out… school’s picking up, I’ve been getting pretty sick lately (thanks to what we guess is due to a hormonal/steroidal imbalance) and I re-tore my meniscus, which we’re looking into prolotherapy injections for treatment (it’s pretty scientifically awesome… I’d Google it up if I were you).  In about 6.5 weeks, I’ll be heading south to the Central Valley of Illinois again to work at the Morton Village Site, where it is absolutely acceptable to be publicly covered in dirt at all times.


This is a random picture I found on my HD. No idea where it came from, so I can’t pass on the credit to the artist, but I like it.

P.S. I had the hiccups twice today. Probably haven’t had them since I was 13. Why now?

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