i give up

I know it’s ugly; but that’s not the point.



  1. Should provide a “new meaning” to “Color Blind”…

  2. regenaxe said

    So your design was chosen? Great! –Pooh

  3. lilmagg said

    Pooh- it was chosen, but there were very minor interpretations of “racism” that got blown out of proportion by a little game of “telephone”, so I had to change everything. I sent this version in with the final official version to use as the backup if they had anymore complaints or requests. 🙂

  4. regenaxe said

    Looking back at the original, I’m guessing if you had switched the colors of the hand with the trowel and the one opposite it, there’d have been less notice paid to interpretations of “racism”. But hey, now you have a tie in with Avatar! Isn’t that Sigourney’s Weaver avatar with the trowel in her hand?


  5. lilmagg said

    Crap. Now it’s not racist anymore, it’s Avatar. Hah. You’re right. I ended up switching the two arms that you noted, Pooh, and sent that in… along with at least four other versions. They’re deciding between a black and white version and the version with the switched arms. I’m just tired of editing the picture over and over!

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